Second on the Scene…. Nolan Martin Moore


Nolan Martin Moore, our second son. He is named after my Daddy, Nolan Eugene Martin. They both take great pride in this fact. I will never forget my Dad’s reaction when I told him the name that we had picked out. Priceless.

Nolan is 4 years old and is counting the days until he is 5. I am not sure what he thinks happens when he turns 5, but he can not wait! From the day he was born, we knew that he was so different than ThomasWade. Not that it is a bad thing, just different. He has his own little way and I love that. My Nolan is fearless, confident, and brave. He loves with his whole heart. Nolan does not like hugs and kisses. You can only on get a kiss on the cheek and you have to tackle him for a hug! Unless you are Trent, he freely get hugs. He is a “Daddy’s Boy” all the way, and I am ok with that. I occasionally will get a kiss on the lips, those I cherish! He is much too busy for all of that. He is so athletic and very fast. He walks with purpose! Nolan has deep blue eyes and blonde hair, just so handsome!!!

He adores ThomasWade and thinks he is just as big. Nolan and Gentry (his other brother) are two peas in a pod. He is such a great big brother and is always looking out for the little siblings. Nolan started Pre-K this year. He has learned so much and I am so proud of him. He can write his name, count to 20, and is learning much more! His favorite things to do are to ride his scooter, swim, play his 3ds, and play outside. He is a very picky eater and will always choose a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich. He likes routine and things have to be a particular way. He always notices the details that others overlook. I always have to cut tags off his shirts, they drive him crazy.

This picture of Nolan is just perfect, he loves life and all that it has to offer. He jumps in with no fears. Our little ball of energy. Nolan is funny without even trying and has the best laugh.

Nolan has me wrapped around his little finger and he knows it. I am not sure why, but he gets away with a lot more than the others. Honestly, I think it has to do with his short temper. Sometimes it’s easier to let things slide than to deal with the fit that follows! I struggle with being consistent with him.

I will say that Nolan came into our family at just the right time and I am so thankful for him!

Introducing ThomasWade… My Rock.


Here he is folks! Our oldest son, ThomasWade. Not Thomas… Not Wade… It’s ThomasWade. Wish I had a dime for every time I have repeated that phrase!

ThomasWade is every bit of 8 1/2 and taking advantage of everything that this age has to offer. Of all my kids, he is the “Momma’s Boy”. Although he loves doing anything with his Daddy, He is mostly my shadow. He is so incredibly smart, kind hearted, nurturing, funny, and friendly. He is the best big brother and a great leader. He never meets a stranger and is full of life. He is passionate and not afraid to show his feelings. He still talks to me about everything, although it takes a little more convincing these days! He will pick TV, XBOX and 3DS over playing outside… but we are working on that. He loves lasagna, PawPaw’s pancakes, pizza and smoothies. He learned to ride his bike this year and loves to climb trees. ThomasWade is in Cub-Scouts and has won 2 trophies in pinewood derby races. Also, can I just say how incredibly handsome this guy is!!! Blonde hair, blue eyes, and the sweetest freckles!

ThomasWade is all these things, but most of all he is My Rock. I know that is a big title for such a little guy, but he is. Since he was born, we have had this special bond. I know I am much harder on him than the little ones and I am not proud of that. I struggle to find a balance with this. I am constantly reminding myself…. “He is Eight!”

Through this blog, I am hoping that you can see that there is always more to the story. I know that I post a lot of pictures on social media, but I am hoping that this sheds a little more light into our family and day to day activities. I am taking a few posts to introduce my kiddos, so you can better understand their personalities. I hope that you enjoy this journey with us. Remember that there is always “Moore to the Story!”


 IMG_0004The Story: Just about everyday, you will find one of my small kids “stuck” in the stand of our kitchen table! Most of the time it is Gentry, but Sage is figuring out the trick to get in since she has watched Gentry so many times.

When my oldest was this age, he first climbed in the table when I had company over.  We were playing cards at the table and were very surprised to see a face smashed up against the glass! Panic struck…. I freaked out. For a split second we thought we were going to have to cut the table to get him out. It didn’t take long before one of the girls showed us that we could just remove the glass. After ThomasWade was “stuck” enough times, he figured out the science of climbing back through one of the holes. He taught Nolan how to get in and out of the table. Nolan taught Gentry and now Gentry has taught Sage. I guess Sage will be teaching Tanner (our dog)!

It’s a rite of passage around here 🙂

Moore to the Story: Gentry gets “stuck” in our table on a daily basis. He knows the way out, but he still cries and panics until he remembers what he has been taught. Then, in the middle of his fit, it’s like a light bulb going off. He climbs out as easy as he climbed in. All of his brothers have experienced the same thing and have shown him what to do. It’s up to him to remember and use the instructions that have been given to him.

Its the same way with being a Mom. We aren’t the first one to get “stuck”, plenty of mothers before us have experienced the same thing. If we would take the time to ask for help, there are women that have walked the same path before us.

There is always a way to get unstuck.

Just like with the table…..  If you can’t crawl out of the hole, just take off the glass! table





The Story: I am sure this is a familiar site that we all have in our home, a full dish drying rack. I wash and dry dishes more times than I would like to count a day, I don’t like to use my dishwasher because I always forget to unload it! If they are on the counter I will see it and put it up, being that dirty dishes are my pet peeve. Well, that and chewing with your mouth open! ha.

A few days ago, I was looking at these dishes and it occurred to me that this is a little scrapbook of that day. Good or bad, here they were:

  • The muffin tin was from a new recipe I tried, which was delicious. Pinterest success!
  • The egg crate is for a new sensory activity for the boys that I found on Pinterest… What did we do before Pinterest???
  • My cup with my name on it, to remind all back-washing kids to stay away.
  • The chewed up straws mean that three of my back-washing kids cant read, so they have no idea that is MY CUP!!!
  • The blinder blade reminds me that yet again, I didn’t finish my cup of coffee before it got cold. So ice coffee it is.
  • The dump truck was one of the many things a day that I rescue from the toilet!
  • The bottles are my favorite. I know my days of having a “baby” are coming to an end. I’m trying to soak up every last bit of it that is left.


Moore to the Story: All of these items mean little things on their own, but it all together gave me a day full of memories. Although the day may not have seemed that memorable, it was still my day! Take the time to think about the small details of  your scrapbook and make a plan.

Tomorrow I will find a new recipe, try the new project with the kids, make the kids their own drinks, wake up a little earlier so I can have my hot coffee in peace, make sure the door to the bathroom is closed, and rock Sage a little longer before I lay her down!

I know for a fact that it is not that easy, but pick one thing from your list and make it happen.

It’s your scrapbook, what do you want to remember?

(Note to self: Look up how to clean that gunk off the muffin tin on Pinterest!)


The Story: This was taken a few months ago on our trip to the zoo. I was running to get everything together before we left and I noticed that my cell phone was almost dead. Knowing I would want pictures of the day, I grabbed my “big camera”.  It was a fun day aside from ThomasWade begging for something from the zoo shop, Nolan whining until we rode the train, and constantly running after Gentry because he refuses to ride in the stroller!

We went all around the zoo and stopped at the play area to let the kids play. It had rained the day before, so there was mud in places. Before I knew it, Nolan and Gentry were right in the middle of it. My Nolan does NOT do mud, so he immediately stroked out and began to cry. Not like a sad cry, more of an angry loud cry. Then Gentry notices what is going on and does the complete opposite of Nolan. He stomps even harder and runs even faster through the mud in sheer delight! I drag them both from the mud and strip them down right in front of the lion exhibit and try to get off as much as I can. We were quit the site. My two little guys were running around screaming and wearing only shirts/diapers/underwear.  As if that wasn’t drawing enough attention, I am banging their pants and shoes on the ground trying to knock off the mud.

After I cleaned off as much as I could, I wrangled them up and got them dressed again. Crisis solved. As we were looking at the monkey’s a very sweet Momma noticed that I was taking all the pictures and she offered to take ours! I was beyond excited, this NEVER happens. Although a couple were unwilling to smile, I am so very proud of this picture. I love the details that this image captures: Gentry’s muddy pants and his expression show that he is ready to escape at any moment. Nolan is sitting so proud with his Bubba by his side. ThomasWade is so handsome and confident. Trent sitting with his big boys and me with my two babies. It was a good day 🙂


Moore To The Story: The cellphone battery almost dead, the mud, or the kids not acting exactly how I think they should are all factors that I usually let bother me and then I let it ruin a great day. I am proud to say that on this day, I let it all go and just enjoyed the day. I am so glad to have this picture of my bunch especially on this day because it reminds me that “I CAN!”