“Sage Do IT!!!”


Look at how sweet these two are! Gentry and Sage have loved this weather and they ask to spend the entire day outside. This is a great plan most days, but I am a photographer. I decided to shoot 29 sessions in two days and only gave myself a 2 week window to edit. So that means HOURS in front of the computer. It’s getting close to my deadline, so we have been inside the past few days. They were going crazy, so I had the idea to move my computer to the kitchen table. From there I can see under the car port and in the backyard. So I got them all dressed and stayed outside with them for a bit. They were so sweet while I took these few shots. I explained that I would be sitting at the kitchen table and would be watching them. This was such a great idea!


They played so great for a bit and I was really making some progress on my work. I am watching them at the corner of the house, when Sage starts screaming. I immediately assume that she is in ants because of the way she is moving. I take off running out of the house to grab her. When I come around the corner, I see what is really happening. Gentry, my sweet GiGi, is laughing so hard as he has the water hose on full blast spraying her. I yell for him to stop and I must have startled him because he jumped. This caused the water hose to fly up and sprayed her all in the face. Keep in mind that it is freezing cold water on full blast. Our backyard has very little grass and is a mud pit for the most part. It was finally getting dry from the monsoon rain that we have had the past few weeks. And here it is all muddy again. So, as I am picking up Sage I lost my balance and slipped down on the mud. This causes me to lose my hold of Sage as I am picking her up and she falls backwards into the mud. Gentry is just standing there swinging the water hose all around saying, “Sage do it!!!” I dash to the hose to cut it off, all while trying to explain to Gentry that I know he is clearly telling a story and can not blame is sister because he is clearly the one HOLDING THE WATER HOSE!

Moore to the Story: Although our day started out so great with the kids playing outside and I had a new plan to finally get my work done, things changed. The same boy who was so sweetly giving his sister flowers was only moments later laughing hysterically while he sprayed her with a water hose! I was off schedule and covered in mud. I found myself blaming Gentry for my day being off. Just like he said, “Sage Do IT!!… I was saying, “Gentry DO IT!!” I went into the living room, scooped him up and gave him extra hugs. I was actually just frustrated with my plate being too full! Gentry wasn’t the problem and wasn’t to blame. Although, I was sure to explain to him the we don’t attack our sister with a water hose!


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