I missed it.

I am a stay at home Momma. There are a lot of pros and cons to this profession. Yes, I said profession. But that is a whole other post. One of my most favorite PRO’s is that I get to attend all the school field trips. My Nolan started pre-k this year and has been on so many school trips. I have had the pleasure of attending almost all. It’s not really possible to arrange a sitter for the little one’s, so they tag along with me. This sometimes can be a little tricky because since they are all so close in age, they feel like they can do everything that Nolan does. So, they have had a hard time sitting back and watching Nolan.

This particular field trip was to the children’s museum for an egg hunt. This is Nolan’s first egg hunt at school, big deal right! They would do a craft, play and have an egg hunt. So I get the idea to bring extra eggs and candy for Sage and Gentry. That way they can have a few eggs themselves and won’t throw a fit when they see Nolan with eggs.

So, on our way to the field trip, I stop at Walgreens and let the little ones pick the eggs and candy. We load up and head to field trip. I am running a few minutes late, but I am always late. Like ALWAYS. This time I am not as late as I usually am, so I am patting myself on the back for almost being on time. Then I get a text from Nolan’s teacher. She is always so sweet to text me pictures of Nolan when he does cute things at school. Well, I look at the picture and there he is with his basket full of eggs. Yep… I missed it! I missed his FIRST SCHOOL EGG HUNT!

Ok… Wait, let me just paint a picture of how all of this is supposed to go… After we are at the museum for a little while, I sneak outside with a group of parents. We carefully hide the eggs and I throw a few of the eggs I brought to the side so my little ones will be pre occupied hunting those eggs. Then the class comes out to hunt eggs. I eagerly follow Nolan around with my camera taking pictures of every egg he finds and his perfect little excited expression. Well, you can see how I was so disappointed. I had missed the whole egg hunt! No side eggs for my little ones, no hiding eggs with parents, no excited expressions, and most of all NO PICTURES!!!!

I am not proud of this next part, but I called my Momma and cried. Like a baby, I cried hard. I had done all this extra stuff to try to make it be the best day for the little ones and Nolan. I had missed it. Why was I even a stay at home mom? How could I miss it? Why can’t I ever be on time? Nolan is never going to forget that I missed it! My Mom didn’t even know what to say. The longer we stayed on the phone, the worse I got. My mom knew that there was only one person at this pity party. So, she simply said, “I’m sorry.”

I sadly walked into the museum and was quickly greeted by Nolan who was so excited that we were there. I made it just in time for the craft. He told me all about the egg hunt and never asked where I was. I apologized to him for missing it and he said, “Don’t worry, Mrs. Shelley took a picture!” Yes son, I know Mrs. Shelley took the ONLY picture of you hunting eggs for the first time at school. I was able to work through my disappointment and actually enjoy watching Nolan with his friends. A little later Nolan told me that he was so glad I was there with him! It was still such a fun trip, even if I had missed the egg hunt.



Trent was so sweet to me afterwards when I told him the story of the day and how disappointed I had been… but then later that night he admitted to me that I might had overreacted a “Little”. Who ME??!! Ok so, I guess maybe I did… Just a little. I had to call my Mom and apologize for my pity party.

Moore to the Story: I am sure there are many lessons that I should have taken from this day about time management, lowering expectations, not freaking out about little things, and much more. But on this day I was just disappointed. I had built it up too much in my head and it all came crashing down with one text. But I see at the end of the day, the actual egg hunt wasn’t a big deal at all. Nolan even went back outside to recreate a few of these shots. So, I guess I didn’t miss it after all and I got my pictures!



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