“Can I have your phone??”….Easter Edition

Are my kid’s the only one obsessed with my phone??? They ask for it all day long. They have so many electronics of their own, but there is just something about my phone. I did read an article on the internet one time that the reason children always want their parents phone has to do with the amount of time I am actually on my phone. But everyone knows that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet!!! ha.

So on to the story. On Easter Sunday, ThomasWade, Nolan and I were in the Easter play “God’s Not Dead.” My parents came into town to see the performance. We have been practicing since January and have worked so hard. I have been so impressed with Nolan especially because he was actually learning and singing all the songs. I was the Mom in the play and had ALOT of lines. After many practices and dress rehearsals, We felt like we were ready! So as the play is starting and the kids are singing their first song, Nolan is getting really antsy. Even though he was singing he kept going up and down the steps of the stage and sitting down. But we make it through the first scene without any trouble and things were smooth sailing.


During the kid’s second song, I make my way to the front row right in front of Nolan waiting for our second scene. Nolan spots me and comes wandering down from the stage. He whispers in my ear, “Can i have your phone??” Good Grief. I quickly tell him that if he sings the song that he can have it, but he had to go back on to the stage. So he goes back to his spot sings and few lines and comes back down. I didn’t want to cause anymore disturbance, so I send him to sit with his Nanny and GranDad on the back row. When it is our turn to do our second scene, I go to my spot on the bench at the front of the church. The spotlight is on me as I turn to sit and there he is…. Nolan is standing right in front of me asking for my phone. It is time to say my line and he is demanding my phone. I have 2 problems here. #1… I don’t even have my phone. It was in my camera bag on the back row. #2 The spotlight is on us, It’s time to say my line and Nolan is steady digging through my purse determined to find my phone. I look over at Trent and he is crying he is laughing so hard. So, the show must go on. I put Nolan on my lap and go on with the scene. Nolan happily pulled out some money from my purse and was counting it. Thankfully he was quiet and we were able to finish the scene. The kids that were in the play with me were so awesome and weren’t even phased by our extra cast member.


Moore to the Story: After the spotlight was off, I shuffled Nolan back to my parents. He didn’t make anymore appearances the rest of the play and everything turned great. I was so proud of ThomasWade. He sung his little heart out and was worshipping in his own way. It was so special that my family could be apart of something that ministered to so many people and I believe made an impact on the kingdom. Although I have a feeling that another electronic detox might be in my kids near future!


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