Different… Not better.

Last night ThomasWade offered to clean the kitchen after dinner. ThomasWade is the one that we have to remind to put his plate by the sink and throw his trash away after almost every meal. So I was pretty shocked when he offered. Now I know that really the only reason he offered was because he wanted a few stars on his chart. When the chart is full, then he gets a SnoCone. So, he is really wanting to fill it up fast. Anyway, yesterday was a very LONG day of no electronics and honestly my nerves were shot. So I welcomed the idea of not cleaning the kitchen.

But here is the problem…. I am not OCD by any means, but I do have a small problem letting ThomasWade do tasks without trying to micro-manage the situation. This has always been an issue. I don’t do this with the little ones, just with him. I am not sure if it’s because he is the first-born or what, but I struggle with just letting him do things. So last night I was exhausted and decided to let him do it his own way. I stayed distracted talking to Trent and entertaining the little ones. After a little while he came over and announced that he was done. Any other time I would have gone over and talked him through “better” ways of doing things. But not last night. I gave him a huge hug and a big kiss. I looked him in the eyes, told him how thankful I was and proud to have such a helpful son. Then we marched to the star chart and gladly gave him 3 stars. Although he thought that would have earned him FIVE stars, he was still so happy.

Moore to the Story: This morning I opened the dishwasher to find that it was all wrong. The bowls were on the bottom… plates laid at the top. So, I started to grab the bowl to re-organize it, but then I stopped myself. Just because I would have loaded it different doesn’t mean that it was better. It would still get clean. I got a flash of ThomasWade’s big smile that night and decided to LET IT GO. Yep, smooth started singing Elsa at 8:45 in the morning while I put in the detergent. You should try it! It’s very liberating and the little ones got a good laugh. I hope that I can continue to let little things go, it’s a great feeling.


I missed it.

I am a stay at home Momma. There are a lot of pros and cons to this profession. Yes, I said profession. But that is a whole other post. One of my most favorite PRO’s is that I get to attend all the school field trips. My Nolan started pre-k this year and has been on so many school trips. I have had the pleasure of attending almost all. It’s not really possible to arrange a sitter for the little one’s, so they tag along with me. This sometimes can be a little tricky because since they are all so close in age, they feel like they can do everything that Nolan does. So, they have had a hard time sitting back and watching Nolan.

This particular field trip was to the children’s museum for an egg hunt. This is Nolan’s first egg hunt at school, big deal right! They would do a craft, play and have an egg hunt. So I get the idea to bring extra eggs and candy for Sage and Gentry. That way they can have a few eggs themselves and won’t throw a fit when they see Nolan with eggs.

So, on our way to the field trip, I stop at Walgreens and let the little ones pick the eggs and candy. We load up and head to field trip. I am running a few minutes late, but I am always late. Like ALWAYS. This time I am not as late as I usually am, so I am patting myself on the back for almost being on time. Then I get a text from Nolan’s teacher. She is always so sweet to text me pictures of Nolan when he does cute things at school. Well, I look at the picture and there he is with his basket full of eggs. Yep… I missed it! I missed his FIRST SCHOOL EGG HUNT!

Ok… Wait, let me just paint a picture of how all of this is supposed to go… After we are at the museum for a little while, I sneak outside with a group of parents. We carefully hide the eggs and I throw a few of the eggs I brought to the side so my little ones will be pre occupied hunting those eggs. Then the class comes out to hunt eggs. I eagerly follow Nolan around with my camera taking pictures of every egg he finds and his perfect little excited expression. Well, you can see how I was so disappointed. I had missed the whole egg hunt! No side eggs for my little ones, no hiding eggs with parents, no excited expressions, and most of all NO PICTURES!!!!

I am not proud of this next part, but I called my Momma and cried. Like a baby, I cried hard. I had done all this extra stuff to try to make it be the best day for the little ones and Nolan. I had missed it. Why was I even a stay at home mom? How could I miss it? Why can’t I ever be on time? Nolan is never going to forget that I missed it! My Mom didn’t even know what to say. The longer we stayed on the phone, the worse I got. My mom knew that there was only one person at this pity party. So, she simply said, “I’m sorry.”

I sadly walked into the museum and was quickly greeted by Nolan who was so excited that we were there. I made it just in time for the craft. He told me all about the egg hunt and never asked where I was. I apologized to him for missing it and he said, “Don’t worry, Mrs. Shelley took a picture!” Yes son, I know Mrs. Shelley took the ONLY picture of you hunting eggs for the first time at school. I was able to work through my disappointment and actually enjoy watching Nolan with his friends. A little later Nolan told me that he was so glad I was there with him! It was still such a fun trip, even if I had missed the egg hunt.



Trent was so sweet to me afterwards when I told him the story of the day and how disappointed I had been… but then later that night he admitted to me that I might had overreacted a “Little”. Who ME??!! Ok so, I guess maybe I did… Just a little. I had to call my Mom and apologize for my pity party.

Moore to the Story: I am sure there are many lessons that I should have taken from this day about time management, lowering expectations, not freaking out about little things, and much more. But on this day I was just disappointed. I had built it up too much in my head and it all came crashing down with one text. But I see at the end of the day, the actual egg hunt wasn’t a big deal at all. Nolan even went back outside to recreate a few of these shots. So, I guess I didn’t miss it after all and I got my pictures!



Trent Moore…. My Person.


Here he is folks, my husband. Trent Moore. Where to even start describing this amazing man of mine?

For starters… I fell in love with Trent almost minutes into our first date. I have never met anyone like him. He is so confident, but not in the cocky/obnoxious way. He is just very sure of himself. Trent is so very handsome with those blue eyes and long eyelashes. His smile is perfect! Trent makes me laugh, like really laugh.

Trent has the most magnetic personality. He never meets a stranger and can make anyone laugh. He has passed these traits on to all four of our kids. Trent is very hardworking. Anything he does, it’s 100%. He always strives to be the best at everything. I love this about him. I never have to worry that something wasn’t done right. If Trent was in charge, the job always gets done the right way.

Trent is an amazing Daddy to our kids and loves each one so dearly. You can clearly see the bond that each one have with him. He is so gentle and patient when it comes to the kids and has a much more calm approach to situations. He can always get them to go right to sleep and eat their food without a fight. How does he do it???

Trent and I are a good team because he is calm and I am NOT! ha. When crazy things come our way, Trent always says “Everything happens for a reason.” This honestly drives me nuts. But when I am freaking out (which happens a lot!) Trent is always quick to remind me to take a step back and breath.

Trent works so hard for our family, so I can stay at home with the kids. This is something that I don’t ever want to take for granted.

Trent and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Yes, we celebrated. Let’s face it. Marriage is hard. We have had our struggles and continue to learn more about each other everyday. Our marriage hasn’t been a fairytale, but at the end of the day we choose each other and we choose our family. I love Trent with my whole heart and can’t imagine life without him. He is my person.

“Can I have your phone??”….Easter Edition

Are my kid’s the only one obsessed with my phone??? They ask for it all day long. They have so many electronics of their own, but there is just something about my phone. I did read an article on the internet one time that the reason children always want their parents phone has to do with the amount of time I am actually on my phone. But everyone knows that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet!!! ha.

So on to the story. On Easter Sunday, ThomasWade, Nolan and I were in the Easter play “God’s Not Dead.” My parents came into town to see the performance. We have been practicing since January and have worked so hard. I have been so impressed with Nolan especially because he was actually learning and singing all the songs. I was the Mom in the play and had ALOT of lines. After many practices and dress rehearsals, We felt like we were ready! So as the play is starting and the kids are singing their first song, Nolan is getting really antsy. Even though he was singing he kept going up and down the steps of the stage and sitting down. But we make it through the first scene without any trouble and things were smooth sailing.


During the kid’s second song, I make my way to the front row right in front of Nolan waiting for our second scene. Nolan spots me and comes wandering down from the stage. He whispers in my ear, “Can i have your phone??” Good Grief. I quickly tell him that if he sings the song that he can have it, but he had to go back on to the stage. So he goes back to his spot sings and few lines and comes back down. I didn’t want to cause anymore disturbance, so I send him to sit with his Nanny and GranDad on the back row. When it is our turn to do our second scene, I go to my spot on the bench at the front of the church. The spotlight is on me as I turn to sit and there he is…. Nolan is standing right in front of me asking for my phone. It is time to say my line and he is demanding my phone. I have 2 problems here. #1… I don’t even have my phone. It was in my camera bag on the back row. #2 The spotlight is on us, It’s time to say my line and Nolan is steady digging through my purse determined to find my phone. I look over at Trent and he is crying he is laughing so hard. So, the show must go on. I put Nolan on my lap and go on with the scene. Nolan happily pulled out some money from my purse and was counting it. Thankfully he was quiet and we were able to finish the scene. The kids that were in the play with me were so awesome and weren’t even phased by our extra cast member.


Moore to the Story: After the spotlight was off, I shuffled Nolan back to my parents. He didn’t make anymore appearances the rest of the play and everything turned great. I was so proud of ThomasWade. He sung his little heart out and was worshipping in his own way. It was so special that my family could be apart of something that ministered to so many people and I believe made an impact on the kingdom. Although I have a feeling that another electronic detox might be in my kids near future!


“Sage Do IT!!!”


Look at how sweet these two are! Gentry and Sage have loved this weather and they ask to spend the entire day outside. This is a great plan most days, but I am a photographer. I decided to shoot 29 sessions in two days and only gave myself a 2 week window to edit. So that means HOURS in front of the computer. It’s getting close to my deadline, so we have been inside the past few days. They were going crazy, so I had the idea to move my computer to the kitchen table. From there I can see under the car port and in the backyard. So I got them all dressed and stayed outside with them for a bit. They were so sweet while I took these few shots. I explained that I would be sitting at the kitchen table and would be watching them. This was such a great idea!


They played so great for a bit and I was really making some progress on my work. I am watching them at the corner of the house, when Sage starts screaming. I immediately assume that she is in ants because of the way she is moving. I take off running out of the house to grab her. When I come around the corner, I see what is really happening. Gentry, my sweet GiGi, is laughing so hard as he has the water hose on full blast spraying her. I yell for him to stop and I must have startled him because he jumped. This caused the water hose to fly up and sprayed her all in the face. Keep in mind that it is freezing cold water on full blast. Our backyard has very little grass and is a mud pit for the most part. It was finally getting dry from the monsoon rain that we have had the past few weeks. And here it is all muddy again. So, as I am picking up Sage I lost my balance and slipped down on the mud. This causes me to lose my hold of Sage as I am picking her up and she falls backwards into the mud. Gentry is just standing there swinging the water hose all around saying, “Sage do it!!!” I dash to the hose to cut it off, all while trying to explain to Gentry that I know he is clearly telling a story and can not blame is sister because he is clearly the one HOLDING THE WATER HOSE!

Moore to the Story: Although our day started out so great with the kids playing outside and I had a new plan to finally get my work done, things changed. The same boy who was so sweetly giving his sister flowers was only moments later laughing hysterically while he sprayed her with a water hose! I was off schedule and covered in mud. I found myself blaming Gentry for my day being off. Just like he said, “Sage Do IT!!… I was saying, “Gentry DO IT!!” I went into the living room, scooped him up and gave him extra hugs. I was actually just frustrated with my plate being too full! Gentry wasn’t the problem and wasn’t to blame. Although, I was sure to explain to him the we don’t attack our sister with a water hose!