Tanner…. Her Dog.


Trent and I decided that the kids could get a dog when we made the move from the apartment to a house. So after living here for a few months, we started the search. After trying a puppy a few years back, we knew that we wanted to adopt a little older dog that was already kennel trained and knew was good with kids. We hung out at PetSmart and Petco on Saturday’s letting the kids “try out” the dogs that they would bring from the shelters. We talked to several friends that were very experienced with dogs and learned that a lab was the bread we wanted! One Saturday we connected with a lady from PAWS. She really wanted to find us the right dog and I was so glad. Later that week we met her at the park for a “play date” with a black lab named Tanner. When she brought him over to us, I couldn’t believe how big he was. I thought that the kids would be scared of this huge black dog. As soon as Sage caught site of him, she crawled over and began petting him. He was so gentle with her from the start. We played at the park with him for an hour. The lady asked if we wanted to keep Tanner for a few days as a trial. As soon as we brought Tanner to our home, we knew there was no way we were giving him back! We went to the pet store and got everything he needed that night. The kids were so excited and proud of their dog, Tanner.

Even though he was house and crate trained, he would always run away when he went outside. He also chewed A LOT. After we fixed these issues, he has been the best dog. He is so protective of the kids, but still so gentle and sweet. We got him for the boys, but he quickly became Sage’s dog. When you can’t find Sage, she is chilling with Tanner. She constantly reads him books, talks to him, gives him hugs and kisses. It is really the most precious thing. Tanner loves to fetch anything you throw! He is so fast and has so much energy. His favorite thing to do is going to the park with the kids. He climbs all over the play set and goes down the slide!

I highly recommend adopting a pet. The people at PAWS take the time to help the animals get put into the right home. Tanner was a perfect fit for us. He has special place in all our hearts, even though Trent won’t admit it! ha.

2 thoughts on “Tanner…. Her Dog.

  1. I do love the way Tanner and the Grands get along. I just wish he wouldn’t growl at me!

  2. I LOVE this!!! So glad y’all saved him and became “dog” people…and he even gets his own post!

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