Surprise… Our Sweet Sage


Our Sweet Sage just turned two years old. She is our last baby. Gentry and Sage are 15 months apart. When I was pregnant with ThomasWade, Trent and I had agreed that if our baby was a girl that we would name her Sage Brooks. After hearing “It’s a BOY!!” three times, we were certain that the our fourth would be a boy. I had a few issues at a routine visit, so they wanted to do an ultrasound at my 16 week appointment.. I was by myself when she told that “she” (the baby) looked great. I sat in silence for a very long time. I was mostly relieved that all was well, but then it hit me… “SHE!!!!!! The doctor called her SHE…” I am sure that it was just seconds, but it seemed like I couldn’t even react. I was in such shock. Trent had about the same reaction when I told him. It seems so silly now that we were so surprised, but then it seemed like I had no idea about what to even do with baby girl, since I only had boys. I spent most of my pregnancy anxious about having a girl, but then she was born. All my fears vanished when they laid her on my chest. It was the most amazing feeling. I didn’t know how much I wanted a girl until I met our Sweet Sage.

Sage has totally stole the heart of all her brothers. They all are so sweet with her and already are so protective. From the first day we brought her home, they have all wanted to take care of her. She is never overlooked or left out by them. They are so proud of her, especially ThomasWade. He wanted a sister so bad and cried every time they said “It’s a BOY!” She is a Daddy’s girl, and I am ok with that. She runs to the door every day when she hears Trent pulling up in his truck and calls out “Daddy here!!!”. She gives him the biggest hug EVERY DAY! I’m pretty sure that is Trent’s favorite part of the day.

Our Sage never meets a stranger. She is friendly to everyone. She gives the best hugs and kisses. All day long she tells me that she loves me. She loves to play with baby dolls and read books. We have a dog, Tanner. He is her dog. These two are best buddies. At some point in the day, you will find them cuddling. It’s just too sweet. Sage has the best smile and funniest laugh. Gentry can really get her to laughing. Sage has no idea that she is only TWO. Anything she sees the brothers doing, she is right behind them trying to do the same. She is rough and tough, but also wants to be held and loved on.

Although Trent and I didn’t plan any of our pregnancies (yep, you read that right!), finding out we were pregnant with #4 came as our biggest surprise. This was such a crazy time in our lives. We were taking a huge leap of faith with Trent going into management, selling our house, and moving to Bossier away from our families. The Lord’s timing was perfect and Sage is just what our family needed. Our sweet girl has completed our family of 6.

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