Number Three… Gentry Randal


Our “Baby Boy”, Gentry Randal! Gentry came just 13 months after Nolan and fit right into the mix.

Gentry is three years old and is finding his voice! As a baby, Gentry was a breeze. He would sleep anywhere, anytime as long as he had a bottle. He would rarely cry and would eat just about anything. Seriously, the BEST baby! Gentry walked at 10 months trying to catch up with his brothers. With Nolan starting school this year, it’s been interesting to watch this little guy find himself. He has started talking so much more and has a lot to say. I love to see him interact with Sage, they are getting so close. My Gentry is just so sweet. He will always give hugs and kisses! He tells me that he loves me all day long. If I am sitting down, he wants in my lap. He loves to throw balls and has great aim. Gentry runs on his tiptoes and climbs on EVERYTHING. Everyday he asks to ride his scooter and go to the zoo. He loves trains! Gentry has the cutest dimples. His blue eyes and long eyelashes are a lethal combination. He already knows how to use them!

Gentry is very sneaky and the first one to make a mess. He is always into something and if he is quiet you should worry. He has to figure out how things work. Since he is the third child, he is sometimes overlooked. It’s something that we really have to watch. He does have a little temper because he gets frustrated with not being heard.

I love this picture, because this is Gentry! He is always silly and can make you laugh when you least expect it. Gentry brings so much love and joy to our family.

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