Chick-fil-a Streaker!

I am interrupting the usual bio’s of my family for a quick story about our day yesterday! Don’t worry, I will be introducing Trent and I in the coming week.

Yesterday the boys were out of school for parent/teacher conference day. Our appointment was at 8:30am. Trent is out-of-town, so I had all four kid’s at the conference. Yes, I was THAT MOM. Is anyone surprised?? ha. I did give the teacher the heads up that the crew would be tagging along and she was so sweet about it. Have I mentioned how much I love Nolan’s teachers!!! Anyway, back to the story. I promised the kid’s breakfast at Chick-fil-a if they were quiet during the meeting. Yep, THAT MOM again! But just between you and me, we were going anyway because I love Chick-fil-a!

So after the meeting we headed to Chick-fil-a. The kids went straight to the play area and I ordered the food. Grabbed the plastic place mats and set the table. The food came right on time and I got everyone’s place set. I went to get the kid’s from the play area and they came running right to the table… NO FUSSING! I walked from the play area patting myself on the back, so proud of our morning so far. We had a nice breakfast and good conversation. Then the kid’s went back to play and I ordered a cup of coffee to enjoy while they played a little more. Another mom came up and complimented the kid’s and she said the usual… “I could never have 4 kids…. I don’t know you do it… You sure have your hands full…” and I said the usual…”Thank you… yes, they can be… Wouldn’t have it any other way…”

As she is walking back to her table, I see Nolan running out of the play area. He yells out as he runs past me… “I gotta potty, I do it all by myself!” Side note: Nolan thinks he as big as ThomasWade and wants to go the “boys” bathroom. He gets very upset when I make him go with me to the “girls bathroom”. Being that there were only a handful of people at Chick-fil-a, I made the quick decision that he would be ok. I stalked the door, making sure he was only one in there. But then my attention was taken away when Gentry comes screaming and crying running out of the play area. I head over to him and figure out that he has fallen and hit his head. Gentry has been in need of extra Momma attention, so I was really trying to focus on him and listen to his story.

As I am calming Gentry down, I see something out of the corner of my eye…. It’s Nolan…. Hopping towards me… His underwear and shorts around his ankles… His shirt tucked under his chin… Yelling, “Momma ….WIPE MY BOOTY!!!” Dear Lord…. REALLY??!! At this moment, I mentally froze. Why is the bathroom so far from the play area and he had made it all the way to me! I quickly pulled up his pants and shuffled him back to the “girls” bathroom. He put up a little fight, but it was easy to ignore over the sound of my pounding heart and red face. We had a quick talk about modesty, that I am sure he didn’t hear a word that I was saying.

As I am walking out of the bathroom, I see that my coffee was ready. As I am fixing my coffee at the counter I decide I better see how much damage control this is going to be. I take a deep breath, look around and see that only a few people actually saw the “Chick-fil-a Streaker”. I went to apologize for the site. They were very sweet and a table thanked us for the laugh.

Moore to the Story: I made my way back to our table and proudly watched the kid’s play. It’s so true…. I wouldn’t have it any other way…. Although, next time I will insist on the “girls bathroom”!


Tanner…. Her Dog.


Trent and I decided that the kids could get a dog when we made the move from the apartment to a house. So after living here for a few months, we started the search. After trying a puppy a few years back, we knew that we wanted to adopt a little older dog that was already kennel trained and knew was good with kids. We hung out at PetSmart and Petco on Saturday’s letting the kids “try out” the dogs that they would bring from the shelters. We talked to several friends that were very experienced with dogs and learned that a lab was the bread we wanted! One Saturday we connected with a lady from PAWS. She really wanted to find us the right dog and I was so glad. Later that week we met her at the park for a “play date” with a black lab named Tanner. When she brought him over to us, I couldn’t believe how big he was. I thought that the kids would be scared of this huge black dog. As soon as Sage caught site of him, she crawled over and began petting him. He was so gentle with her from the start. We played at the park with him for an hour. The lady asked if we wanted to keep Tanner for a few days as a trial. As soon as we brought Tanner to our home, we knew there was no way we were giving him back! We went to the pet store and got everything he needed that night. The kids were so excited and proud of their dog, Tanner.

Even though he was house and crate trained, he would always run away when he went outside. He also chewed A LOT. After we fixed these issues, he has been the best dog. He is so protective of the kids, but still so gentle and sweet. We got him for the boys, but he quickly became Sage’s dog. When you can’t find Sage, she is chilling with Tanner. She constantly reads him books, talks to him, gives him hugs and kisses. It is really the most precious thing. Tanner loves to fetch anything you throw! He is so fast and has so much energy. His favorite thing to do is going to the park with the kids. He climbs all over the play set and goes down the slide!

I highly recommend adopting a pet. The people at PAWS take the time to help the animals get put into the right home. Tanner was a perfect fit for us. He has special place in all our hearts, even though Trent won’t admit it! ha.

Surprise… Our Sweet Sage


Our Sweet Sage just turned two years old. She is our last baby. Gentry and Sage are 15 months apart. When I was pregnant with ThomasWade, Trent and I had agreed that if our baby was a girl that we would name her Sage Brooks. After hearing “It’s a BOY!!” three times, we were certain that the our fourth would be a boy. I had a few issues at a routine visit, so they wanted to do an ultrasound at my 16 week appointment.. I was by myself when she told that “she” (the baby) looked great. I sat in silence for a very long time. I was mostly relieved that all was well, but then it hit me… “SHE!!!!!! The doctor called her SHE…” I am sure that it was just seconds, but it seemed like I couldn’t even react. I was in such shock. Trent had about the same reaction when I told him. It seems so silly now that we were so surprised, but then it seemed like I had no idea about what to even do with baby girl, since I only had boys. I spent most of my pregnancy anxious about having a girl, but then she was born. All my fears vanished when they laid her on my chest. It was the most amazing feeling. I didn’t know how much I wanted a girl until I met our Sweet Sage.

Sage has totally stole the heart of all her brothers. They all are so sweet with her and already are so protective. From the first day we brought her home, they have all wanted to take care of her. She is never overlooked or left out by them. They are so proud of her, especially ThomasWade. He wanted a sister so bad and cried every time they said “It’s a BOY!” She is a Daddy’s girl, and I am ok with that. She runs to the door every day when she hears Trent pulling up in his truck and calls out “Daddy here!!!”. She gives him the biggest hug EVERY DAY! I’m pretty sure that is Trent’s favorite part of the day.

Our Sage never meets a stranger. She is friendly to everyone. She gives the best hugs and kisses. All day long she tells me that she loves me. She loves to play with baby dolls and read books. We have a dog, Tanner. He is her dog. These two are best buddies. At some point in the day, you will find them cuddling. It’s just too sweet. Sage has the best smile and funniest laugh. Gentry can really get her to laughing. Sage has no idea that she is only TWO. Anything she sees the brothers doing, she is right behind them trying to do the same. She is rough and tough, but also wants to be held and loved on.

Although Trent and I didn’t plan any of our pregnancies (yep, you read that right!), finding out we were pregnant with #4 came as our biggest surprise. This was such a crazy time in our lives. We were taking a huge leap of faith with Trent going into management, selling our house, and moving to Bossier away from our families. The Lord’s timing was perfect and Sage is just what our family needed. Our sweet girl has completed our family of 6.

Number Three… Gentry Randal


Our “Baby Boy”, Gentry Randal! Gentry came just 13 months after Nolan and fit right into the mix.

Gentry is three years old and is finding his voice! As a baby, Gentry was a breeze. He would sleep anywhere, anytime as long as he had a bottle. He would rarely cry and would eat just about anything. Seriously, the BEST baby! Gentry walked at 10 months trying to catch up with his brothers. With Nolan starting school this year, it’s been interesting to watch this little guy find himself. He has started talking so much more and has a lot to say. I love to see him interact with Sage, they are getting so close. My Gentry is just so sweet. He will always give hugs and kisses! He tells me that he loves me all day long. If I am sitting down, he wants in my lap. He loves to throw balls and has great aim. Gentry runs on his tiptoes and climbs on EVERYTHING. Everyday he asks to ride his scooter and go to the zoo. He loves trains! Gentry has the cutest dimples. His blue eyes and long eyelashes are a lethal combination. He already knows how to use them!

Gentry is very sneaky and the first one to make a mess. He is always into something and if he is quiet you should worry. He has to figure out how things work. Since he is the third child, he is sometimes overlooked. It’s something that we really have to watch. He does have a little temper because he gets frustrated with not being heard.

I love this picture, because this is Gentry! He is always silly and can make you laugh when you least expect it. Gentry brings so much love and joy to our family.