Second on the Scene…. Nolan Martin Moore


Nolan Martin Moore, our second son. He is named after my Daddy, Nolan Eugene Martin. They both take great pride in this fact. I will never forget my Dad’s reaction when I told him the name that we had picked out. Priceless.

Nolan is 4 years old and is counting the days until he is 5. I am not sure what he thinks happens when he turns 5, but he can not wait! From the day he was born, we knew that he was so different than ThomasWade. Not that it is a bad thing, just different. He has his own little way and I love that. My Nolan is fearless, confident, and brave. He loves with his whole heart. Nolan does not like hugs and kisses. You can only on get a kiss on the cheek and you have to tackle him for a hug! Unless you are Trent, he freely get hugs. He is a “Daddy’s Boy” all the way, and I am ok with that. I occasionally will get a kiss on the lips, those I cherish! He is much too busy for all of that. He is so athletic and very fast. He walks with purpose! Nolan has deep blue eyes and blonde hair, just so handsome!!!

He adores ThomasWade and thinks he is just as big. Nolan and Gentry (his other brother) are two peas in a pod. He is such a great big brother and is always looking out for the little siblings. Nolan started Pre-K this year. He has learned so much and I am so proud of him. He can write his name, count to 20, and is learning much more! His favorite things to do are to ride his scooter, swim, play his 3ds, and play outside. He is a very picky eater and will always choose a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich. He likes routine and things have to be a particular way. He always notices the details that others overlook. I always have to cut tags off his shirts, they drive him crazy.

This picture of Nolan is just perfect, he loves life and all that it has to offer. He jumps in with no fears. Our little ball of energy. Nolan is funny without even trying and has the best laugh.

Nolan has me wrapped around his little finger and he knows it. I am not sure why, but he gets away with a lot more than the others. Honestly, I think it has to do with his short temper. Sometimes it’s easier to let things slide than to deal with the fit that follows! I struggle with being consistent with him.

I will say that Nolan came into our family at just the right time and I am so thankful for him!

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